About Us

Mission Statement

It is our mission to tame the PDF world by delivering a single source, complete, low cost, centralized library of technical documents for the communications, security and fire alarm industry.

It is our mission to support manufacturers, technicians, and users of communications, security, and fire alarm systems through the delivery of PDF documents.

Our History

PDF-Zoo.com had its small beginnings in January of 1999. The staff of a western states alarm company gathered some 50 hard to find security and fire PDF documents and posted them on its website. The PDF documents were presented in a very simple format and made available to the security and fire alarm industry without charge. Over time, more and more security and fire alarm professionals requested access to the growing library of technical documents. We welcomed the opportunity to share the PDF resource that enabled us to do our jobs better and be more professional in our work.

Our internet web page offered a single, organized source for the storage and worldwide retrieval of industry technical documents. We were glad to replace the often torn and tattered paper manuals that filled our service trucks and office shelves. Users of the service generously contributed many PDF documents that resulted in an even more complete, usable and valuable library.

Six years later the PDF documents numbered in the many thousands and the simple website used to store and download the PDF documents had been outgrown. The size and complexity of the task was consuming more time and the cost to maintain the service ballooned. Users found it harder to locate the PDF documents they needed and we were not able to provide support to the growing number of people who needed assistance.

Yes, the online PDF document project had become a ZOO.

In January 2006 the website PDF-ZOO.com was developed. Today the PDF project is still a ZOO, but is now well organized and supported. The original web page linking to PDF documents has been replaced with the latest in SQL database technology for fast and accurate searching, sorting and downloading of documents. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to provide this extensive PDF document service free of charge. The cost to store, organize, and deliver thousands of PDF documents now requires that we charge for the resources needed to provide this service.

Please note, we do not charge for the PDF documents; we do charge for the use of the system and the services needed to store, present, and deliver the PDF documents.

We wish to thank the manufacturers who have given permission for their documents to be made available at PDF-Zoo.com. For more information about how we support manufacturers, technicians, and customers, please read the section addressing support.

Manufacturers, installers (dealers), and customers all need each other. Most important in this three-way relationship are the products and systems. However, the best system(s) in the world are of little value if the technicians who install, program, and service them do not have the technical documentation needed to do their work properly. PDF-Zoo.com will always support manufacturers, technicians, and users of commutations, security, and fire alarm systems.

The PDF-Zoo.com library is home to many diverse documents. While most documents are in English, we have a growing list of documents in languages other than English. PDF-Zoo.com has been developed to deliver services in multiple languages. We are pleased to be developing delivery for English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Your comments, suggestions, and feedback are always welcomed.

Thank you for visiting the ZOO, the PDF-Zoo.com.